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Adhere to the ancient laws in pursuit of true freedom.

Positioning of the book

Our goal is not to translate the Handbook, but rather to write a FreeBSD-based tutorial similar to Linux Private Kitchens: basic learning articles + Linux Private Kitchens: Server Setup in one. That is, this book is a superset of the Handbook.

Summary of the Editor's Guide

All supporters of FreeBSD are welcome to write and will be added to the list of contributors.

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This book was created on December 19, 2021. It was written with the goal of Making FreeBSD Great Again, and is written to cover the basics and advanced knowledge of FreeBSD. If you have some UNIX knowledge, you can skip the first chapter, but if you have some knowledge of FreeBSD, you are welcome to join us and contribute to this book.

Executive Summary

This book was started by ykla and written with the participation of some group members of the FreeBSD MFGA, "FreeBSD from Getting Started to Running". We have attempted to start from zero and lead the average person into the world of FreeBSD, fully referencing the FreeBSD Handbook and building a complete, scientific catalog system. This book is not a hodgepodge of tutorials or a collection of tutorials, but rather an open source book designed to build a self-contained system. The book is divided into thirty chapters, emphasizing the fundamentals necessary for learning FreeBSD as well as providing specialized tutorials on kernel design and implementation. This book can be used as a textbook for undergraduate students in the "FreeBSD Operating System" course in higher education, as well as for graduate students or computer technicians in related fields.

Open Source Maintenance and Donations

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In order to be able to maintain this book better, we have used the Gitbook platform for collaboration and Vuepress to present the book. We apologize for the inability to export directly from GitBook to PDF (we provide a reference version of the PDF in the release) and for the slow access. Our current server is about $10 a month, so if you'd like to contribute, please join our Telegram groupopen in new window. If you'd also like to contribute, please see WIKI for details., please refer to Chapter 1, Section 9 for the list of contributors.


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Due to the limitations of the author, it is inevitable that the book will contain flaws and errors, and we hope that you will feel free to offer criticism so that we can correct them. You can use Github's interactive features to contact us: submit an issue, pull request, or join a Telegram groupopen in new window to contact us directly (yklaxds AT gmail DOT com), etc.

TODO / Wishlist

There is still a lot of work to be done, including but not limited to:

  • The FreeBSD 14 shell has been standardized to sh, and tutorials need to be standardized for it
  • Organizing and uploading configuration files and environments
  • Optimize the formatting of the tutorial directory
  • Improve the current blank chapters and test and verify existing content
  • actively promote and seek official publication
  • Remove external references to text/images and other content or give standardized citation statements to avoid copyright issues
  • Consider elevating the Virtual Box virtual machine in this paper because of the many business changes resulting from Broadcom's acquisition of VMware
  • Remove or add examples of ideas that are too subjective or unsupported


This book is open source under the BSD-3-Clause License. We have incorporated some existing research results in the writing process and would like to acknowledge them here. When quoting from this book, please be sure to leave our original address - https://mfga.bsdcn.orgopen in new window and attribution - FreeBSD MFGA.


The vision of the FreeBSD MFGA

We were founded on March 17, 2018, and have grown a Telegram group, and as far as a WeChat group.

Our membership is very broad and universal, representing the average of the vast majority of FreeBSD users: they may not have even heard of what FreeBSD is, but that does not stop us from communicating and exchanging ideas. Some may feel that this is a waste of time, but without the nurturing of new talent, what would FreeBSD be tomorrow? Who doesn't know that newcomers may have many bad habits.

As Mr. Lu Xun said, may each person be a beam of light to illuminate the glorious thorny path of FreeBSD's advancement in mainland China. I also hope that you can join us to form a starry sky or a glowing fire.

The infinite distant lands, the countless people, are all related to me.

I have looked into the distant mountains countless times, trying to find a clear spring, but the sky is always not as it should be, still not found.

Who are we? Where did we come from? Where are we going? These questions will never be answered.

We chose FreeBSD because we wanted a clear, unambiguous, reliable, and solid operating system that would bring us profit in our work and pleasure in our lives. Of course there are still many problems with FreeBSD that need to be actively discovered, explored, and improved. Society is progressing, technology is advancing, enthusiasm is continuing unabated, and the future is getting better and better.


We encountered many difficulties in building the FreeBSD Chinese community: some Arch linux cultists provoked us by saying "Arch is awesome! There were also some people who had never used BSD before, saying that there was no JAVA, no JNI, and no Eclipse in FreeBSD; there were also some Huawei fans who entered the community and tried to start an infighting by using Android's Hongmeng system as a shell. For the community, we have established a blacklist system.

The list is as follows.


QQ numberreason for blacklisting
3623404390Kick down the ladder, get the answer to the question and withdraw from the group, the same below
554412630The administrator gave every student facing the college entrance exam a college entrance exam gift package (permission to the end of the exam) on the eve of the exam in order to prepare for the exam at ease, but he withdrew from the group to avoid permission
1354998Insult BSD and promote Linux
156798543Provoking trouble
1113749776Huawei fan
2151722905Enter the group babbling and pretending to be new, pretending to be stupid, name is database, suspected of being an artificial intelligence, good at asking some messy patchwork of non-existent questions: such as ``assembly language between c languages, there is a language. It was ignored. The whole IT world lost a model for another development. Another example is that one of the rows of the database table can be seen as an argument to a function. This function name, why does not appear in this record line? Is the function name omitted? Does it take this table as a parameter? Does it use the data stream of this table as a parameter? In a broader view, programming languages can construct algebra and geometry. I just haven't thought it through yet. and framework, what is it? Are they devices? Looking at vue pairs, is it a device? Why, if you go to a computer store, you can buy cpu, memory sticks, and disks. But you can't buy a column? and assuming println() is a service function that starts with main and doesn't close. The argument stream can be written to at any time. Traditional interpretations of functions may be wrong. Practicality Feasibility masks crudeness absurdity. In all likelihood, it is only right for functions to disable names and functions to disable comments. (However, the pragmatic view does not allow this nowadays). The reality of function namelessness and function de-annotation is unacceptable. ` For more, please submit an issue
3458921559Insulting BSD and promoting ArchLinux, thinking that BSD has no JAVA, no JNI, no Eclipse, etc. In short, his point is that FreeBSD has nothing and is a piece of crap. The first time I saw it, I was hit in the face and started to provoke the administrator, nicknamed Rainbow Pirates, now called "Damien Sauce", the elitist, whose github address is
2018456Insulting BSD, provoking administrators
383925617huawei fan, Insulting the administrator
1510908166Kick down the ladder
595063679Crank and Minzhe. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into.
273459714Crank and Minzhe. Put forward historiography that is inconsistent with common sense, dare to imagine Owen science without knowing the philosophy of text translation, and there is no theory of a century, and there is no theory of modern philosophy.
571060051Repeatedly and strangely destroy the atmosphere, whenever someone provokes the administrator will come out to perform, adding fuel to the fire
3303672033Open source cult, good at the philosophy of suffering, self-righteous, half a bottle of water wandering, think LaTeX in writing novels better than Word, think libreoffice should not be compatible with Word, should be the other way around by Word to compatible with him, the classic quote "What makes you say that Libreoffice compatibility is not good? " Why don't you use GIMP, why do you use PS, why do you use Windows 10. The reason for the blacklisting is that the user's name is not the name of the administrator.
WeChat namereason for blacklisting
彩虹海盗Insulting BSD and promoting ArchLinux. Others as above
Baidu TieBa IDReasons for Blacklisting
mechrttThe tutorials of other people pretending to be tutorials written by themselves, shamelessly. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing.


QQ numberreason for blacklisting
2777184456Ignoring the results of FreeBSD's promotion and treating it as advertising
1301771Intentionally violated Group Rule 8 and absconded
369866382Once said he loved FreeBSD so much that he wanted to get involved in the community, and after asking my opinion, he was given the task of translating the Handbook. After a long time, he said he didn't have time to do it and didn't say why, then he looked at the progress and only translated a small chapter or how many, in any case, it was not finished, asked him if he could finish the small chapter, he firmly said "no", and after paying for its translation reward of a chapter, he stopped talking in the WeChat group. Then one day in the QQ group, he said that running tutorials should not add any root tutorials to sddm, which looks very low-end, and then said he never used it, meaning he wouldn't let others use it either. It's like those who don't use QQ and don't let others use it, but he still honestly used WeChat, and I said it was called "work needs". After that, he was in the group looking for trouble, saying that translating the documentation was pointless, that only idiots would participate, and that FreeBSD was a piece of crap. After being removed from the group, I saw that it was the same person from the WeChat group, Jim Googe, who has now blended in with the rest of the FreeBSD community. The bottom line of not opposing our work is to continue to be in the group
9516665Playing dumb, suspicious 1301771, hint: QQ digits less than 8 digits are mostly problematic
428819551Rejecting questionnaires, reaching out to the party, insulting the community
3142739069Refused to comply with CFC charter
WeChat NameReason for Blacklisting
占戈哥欠Alias account of 369866382

We hope that the major open source communities will take note of this and beware of malicious damage by the above people. Blacklisted users cannot be unblocked.